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Lenticular Effect Types

Basic Flip

Basic "Flip" effects are the most common effects that can be produced by Lenticular graphics. A "flip" or "view" refers to each image that is interlaced into a Lenticular graphic. A "Two Flip" forms the foundation of flip effects, and results in two images "flipping" back and forth as the viewing angle of the printed piece is changed. Two-flips are the most dramatic of the flip effects, and are fantastic for demonstrating Before-and-After, Old-versus-New comparisons, etc.

Multi-Flip Effects

More than two images can be interlaced together to produce "Multi Flip" Images. In addition to two-flip image transitions, you can employ three or more image transitions. Special effects like "Zoom" and "Animation" can be achieved utilizing the multi-flip technique.

Animation & High Definition Lenticular

Animation effects mimic the smooth movement of video. HD Lenticular(R) from Big3D provides the highest image resolution available anywhere -- imagine reproducing 5-15 seconds of High Definition footage in a Lenticular postcard -- its like video in your hand!


Zooms and morphs are special multi-flip effects that look just like they sound. Zooms give the illusion of all or a portion of an image moving forward and backward, and Morphs are the conversion of one image into another.

3D Effects

3D Lenticular is truly a spectacular and unique application of lenticular graphics. The illusion of depth is so convincing that the viewer is captivated by the realism! To create a 3D image, all the elements in the 3D "scene" are placed in separate layers. Special digital processing is employed to create depth and volume to those layers. When the processed image is viewed through the Lenticular lens, the 3D depth is perceived -- all with the naked eye!

Sounds complicated? Its not, really. Check out our step-by-step tutorial of designing a 3D project: Designing for Lenticular


The most complex of all Lenticular effects: Flip effects with 3D! Imagine images zooming and or flipping, all with 3D depth! Impossible? No, it just takes some pre-planning in your creative phase. We'll show you how! ( See Designing for Lenticular )