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Successful Rush Stories

The Typical Rush
Monday morning - Kate calls at 8:30am. Her project deadline was moved up. Is there any way possible to print 2-flip presentation covers and ship today? Of course! We rearrange a few projects for the adrenaline rush. Print offset litho size 6x6 inches and ship same day. She now says with conviction that we "are her favorite vendor"!
The Client-Caused Emergency
Has this ever happened to you? David planned a trade show display more than a month in advance. The client's internal art process drags out for weeks. They suddenly realize the show is only one week away. They call David in a panic...and David calls us. Can we print that large format 96x92 inch lenticular 3D+3-flip in two days and ship directly to the show site? Of course.
The "Oops"
A beverage company planned a product launch at a major trade show. Oops, somebody forgot to order a sign for the event. Brett calls us. Can we save his bacon? Certainly. We print a 2-flip lenticular at 46x22 inches and it is delivered the following morning.
The Absolutely Impossible, Ridiculous
Marc calls on Wednesday. He thinks it is impossible, but wants a large lenticular printed, adhesive backed, cut to custom shape, and delivered on Friday to Moscone Center for a trade show. We complete all the production in 24 hours and have a courier deliver Friday on schedule. Later that day, another phone call. This is designed to attach to a vinyl wrap near the entrance. A mistake was made sizing the vinyl wrap. There is no way to change all the window vinyl. Can we wait for a new file, new die line, stay late into the night, reprint, router cut to new size, and have courier deliver the next morning? We did all that. Then....courier finds all traffic blocked because the President is in town. We play logistics dispatch and Freeman Installers send their golf cart out to meet courier and retrieve our large lenticular. Another success!
500,000 Postcards for SONY, Concept to delivery in ten days.
Big3D once again proved its dedication to exceeding client expectations. This time the client was SONY. The project: Convert client-supplied art into a multiframe 3D Lenticular animation postcard, then print, produce and ship over 500,000 units...all in ten days.

Project Preparation: Working in close contact with the agency and artists at SONY, we advised them on the technical requirements necessary to produce the best possible animation sequence.
Day 1. Big3D.com downloads the original digital art from the client. The artists at Big3D.com develop the animation sequence and separation of elements into their respective 3D and focal layers. We immediately suggest alterations which would make a more dramatic impact to the piece. The Big3D.com creative team produces proofs of both versions of the art, which were couriered to the client for their review.
Day 2. The art changes are incorporated into final art. Plates are imaged at 6500dpi as the project director from the client jumps in his car to arrive in time for the press check. Client gives approval to print and Big3D.com goes into overdrive to meet the delivery deadline. The deadline is absolute; there is no additional time to produce the job.
Day 3. As the Lenticular front-side of the piece comes off press, skids of press sheets are moved to the laminator for polypropylene backing application. After lamination, the piece is sent back through the press for backside printing then sent to the cutter for trimming and boxing.
Day 4. Client calls with a last-minute change for any unprinted pieces. New plates are imaged and hung on press during a planned changeover. The project keeps on schedule with no time lost or extra charges to the client. Day 10. Job is boxed and on pallets, ready for the truck. Deadline is met.
    Production factoids:
  • Over 10 tons of lenticular lens material
  • 538,000 pieces
  • 29.62 miles of laminate backing
  • 100 pounds (45Kg) of UV ink
  • Packed in 600 boxes on 8 skids
Race Against Time: 30 Hours from Phone Call to Finish. Coke wins!
It was a race against time. JC Decaux, the European outdoor advertising powerhouse, called Big3D with a challenge: produce 45 lenticular bus shelter graphics promoting Coca Cola's beverage product, Burn.

The catch, they needed the prints to ship the very next day...to Sweden.

Big3D president Tom Saville welcomed the challenge. "We were pleased to be a hero for our client, and love being asked to do the impossible. We knew we were up for the challenge, and my hat goes off to the talented crew at Big3D--they make the impossible possible, everyday". The next 30 hours were a whirlwind of activity at Big3D. Art was downloaded from the client's FTP server immediately after getting the call. The Big3D prepress department evaluated the art and found the project would be a 3-flip -- three images that would transition sequentially as people walked or drove by. Finding that the Photoshop file was created within specifications, only minor adjustments were necessary by our prepress department. After fine tuning, the files were processed and interlaced in preparation for imaging to our laser-driven LightJet photo printer. The LightJet output was customized for a unique application: the Bus Shelter graphics needed to work equally well in both daylight and when back-lit at night. Special saturation curves were employed to maximize their effectiveness in both viewing environments. As each print finished imaging, the prints were moved to the finishing department for mounting to the lenticular lens. As each print was mounted and cleaned, they were stacked in the custom-built crate that would be their home during the long trip to Sweden. Thirty hours later the 45" x 60" bus shelter graphics, all 45 of them, were loaded onto a FedEx truck for express delivery to BSP of Sweden. Mission accomplished!
If you have a special challenge, give our expert team of problem solvers a call.
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